My Work

Scroll through my workfeed to get an idea of what I like to do. I contributed as an equal to each of these campaigns with a focus on project management, production, and strategy. If you would like to know more, please contact me!


Facing Homelessness: Homeless Not Nameless

Facing Homelessness came to POSSIBLE with a not-so-simple problem: How do you introduce the invisible homeless population of Seattle to the greater community? From this, my intern team and I were given a brief that asked us to get Seattle on a first name basis with those experiencing homelessness. After exploring many different ideas, we decided to create an activation in Cal Anderson Park where we invited unsheltered and sheltered individuals to play a game of Jenga that helped create a meaningful connection. This highly involved intern project gave me hands-on experience in managing a project from kickoff to completion including production and post-production. We were given access to POSSIBLE's internal content studio and their resources which enabled us to film the video above. A media plan was prepared to maximize the exposure and impact of the campaign as well as physical assets to hand out in the city. 

Team: Sara Stephens, Hernan Ramirez, Tiarra La, Jane Yu, Blair Paley, Jesse Summers, Caroline Harris, Jack Davidson, Leslie Sharp, Devyn Russell, Rebecca Dunwoody, Talia Green, Megan Ball, and Jordan McGrath

US Air Force: Ascender


The US Air Force is an American institution that operates on the side of all citizens. Despite this, Hispanics are largely underrepresented among enlisted Air Men. My team and I were tasked with inspiring, engage, and recruit Hispanic men and women with an integrated campaign that cut through the clutter of generic messages. Ascend(er) is Spanglish for ascending, rising, and realizing potential. This is the name and theme of our campaign because it makes a statement about the Air Force being welcoming to Hispanic recruits. The direction for Ascend(er) was informed by over 30 secondary sources as well as qualitative interviews and survey. 

Team: Marymar Martinez, Liz Lara, Karlie Kramer, Zoe Wright

TreeHouse: Discover Your Best Home

TreeHouse Presentation.jpg

TreeHouse is a green home improvement store based in Austin, TX. They are an ambitious company with plans to expand all over the country and improve as many homes as possible. Unfortunately, their brand awareness among Austinites was low according to our primary research. We decided to devise a campaign that got their hometown excited about the potential TreeHouse had to offer through their e-commerce site and 2-hour delivery. Based on our secondary research, we found that 76% of our target market was willing to pay extra for energy efficient products. TreeHouse provides a user-friendly platform for users to discover how to better their home--Discover Your Best Home was born. Our main execution featured a tiny home that would make 2-hour deliveries made on the TreeHouse site around Austin. We then planned several ways to fully capitalize on promoting this event on social media, press releases, and live video.
Team: Marymar Martinez, Liz Lara, Karlie Kramer, Zoe Wright

Texas Civil Rights Project: Tale of Two Tickets

Texas Civil Rights Project.png

Debtors' prisons are still prevalent in Texas towns even though this practice was deemed unconstitutional more than a century ago. This is an issue that has very little exposure since it exclusively affects poor communities who are jailed for not being able to pay traffic fines. The Texas Civil Rights Project hoped to change that and my team and I were more than happy to offer help. Over the course of a semester, we developed an awareness campaign that aimed to shed light on debtors' prisons to the middle class in order to create public pressure on judges perpetuating it. The Tale of Two Tickets campaign highlights the disparate impact a traffic ticket can have on someone who is poor and someone in the middle class. We proposed the use of campus events, out-of-home placements, press releases, and social media to spread this message across Texas and encourage empathy to those affected. 

Team: Ekin Levent, Hannah Duaine, Scott Schauer-West, Trevor Young